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Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is actually just a “resurfacing” of the knee joint. The femur or thigh bone is covered with a metal covering and plastic is placed on the tibia so that instead of irregular arthritic surfaces, one has metal and plastic articulating which produces a smooth non-patent surface. In most cases the undersurface of the knee cap is also replaced with a plastic surface so that this articulates with the femoral surface. The actual procedure involving knee replacement involves general anesthesia with a four to six day hospitalization. The surgery itself takes between 1½ and 2½ hours. In most cases patients have a friend or family member donate two units of autologous blood to be uses in the postoperative period. Weight-bearing begins immediately the first post-operative day. Patients usually use a walker for a period of one to two weeks, going to crutches and then a cane. People are off all walking aids anywhere from three weeks to two months.